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The Oil Drum


The Oil Drum ( is a very useful resource for all those interested in oil reserves, Peak Oil and energy consumption.

The material on the Site is solid and the contributors appear to know what they are talking about.  This is also a solidly international effort, not another US-focused site.  The material has excellent links to sources and if you are interested in oil production data and predictions you cannot afford to ignore this Site.

Unfortunately, given the problems of carbon pollution, oil production is no longer a manner of purely academic interest, it now concerns us all.  There are excellent discussions of the issues involved in calculating the date of Peak Oil, and detailed material on Saudi oil production.

This is a rich source of excellent material, a resource which all energy researchers will need to examine.

I recommend this Site.

The stated goals of The Oil Drum are to:

1. Raise awareness of energy issues

Most people are not aware of the problems we face or they underestimate their potential impact. Politicians and the traditional media have overlooked the problem, out of ignorance or due to a conflict of interest. We seek to fill the information gap, disseminating underreported facts and analysis.

2. Host a civil discussion

This website is a space where energy issues can be debated in a civil manner. Through the encouragement of evidence-based reasoning and logical arguments, we aim to host discussions with a depth and breadth absent from the traditional media or current political discourse.

3. Conduct original research in a transparent manner

We believe that the issues such as the timing and impacts of our supply and demand problems and the feasibility of alternatives to oil can be explored empirically, in an open and honest manner. Our site draws on the fast pace of the internet and the time-tested traditions of peer review in search of the truth, whatever it may be.

4. Create a global community working toward a common goal

Our society can only address a problem of this magnitude through cooperation. We seek to leverage the open nature of the internet to create a global forum for the discussion of energy problems and solutions. Your participation is welcome—if not necessary—for the improvement of our energy future.


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