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The Lessons from the Buncefield Explosion

27 November 2014

The Buncefield explosion at Hemel Hempstead, to the north of London, which occurred in December 2005, was caused by the overflow of 300 tons of petrol from a storage tank. A fuel-air vapour cloud was created and this subsequently ignited with an explosion that was felt across a wide area of [read more]

Deflation trap – Andrew Gamble

2 September 2014

Andrew Gamble, Chair of SPERI International Advisory Board & Professor of Politics, University of Cambridge The European Central Bank has consistently denied that there is any chance of the eurozone falling into deflation.  The ‘deceleration of prices’ in recent months has been dismissed [read more]

Future Strategic Challenges for Britain

3 April 2014

In February 2008 The Strategy Unit in the UK Cabinet Office published a report setting out the challenges that Britain faces, it is called “Realising Britain’s Potential:Future Strategic Challenges for Britain”. What is interesting about this report, and why it has relevance outside [read more]

Optimum Population Trust Critical of UK Population Policy (2008)

2 November 2008

The UK government’s national security strategy recognises many of the new environmental symptoms of global insecurity but ignores their root cause, the Optimum Population Trust said on March 19, 2008. David Nicholson-Lord, OPT research associate, said: “Talking about threats to national [read more]

Nicholas Stern – A Policy Framework for Climate Change

23 February 2008

Lord Stern, author of the review on the economics of climate change (“The Stern Report”, 2006) wrote in The Times (London) on the 22 February 2008 pointing out the need for a clear policy framework to deal with the threat posed by climate change. He wrote, “Climate change is the [read more]
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