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Review of The Margin of Victory, by Douglas Macgregor

22 December 2016

Margin of Victory, Five Battles that Changed the Face of Modern War – by Douglas McGregor, Naval Institute Press, Annapolis Maryland 2016 This is an important book for two reasons, firstly, it gives a series of fascinating insights into some key campaigns and battles of the 20th century. [read more]

Thieves of State – Sarah Chayes (review)

6 April 2015

Thieves of State – Sarah Chayes, published by W W Norton & Company, New York and London, 2015 This is an important book and its publication is timely, given recent developments. Sarah Chayes uses her own experience in Afghanistan as the thread around which she weaves her narrative. What [read more]

The 11th Hour – review

20 February 2008

I watched The 11th Hour sitting in a cinema in Dubai with about three or four other people, this film is obviously not going to be a big box office attraction in the Middle East, and its serious and unrelenting message makes this a difficult movie for most. Not a pop-corn movie. The first thing [read more]