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A portrait of a Karachi slum during a heatwave

28 May 2018

Amar Guriro, Monday May 28th, 2018 As Pakistani NGOs and the government dispute how many have died in Karachi’s latest heatwave, the people who live in the city’s slums – those most vulnerable – are still ignored. Samooda, who goes by one name, is a Bengali speaking widow and mother of [read more]

The dangers of Pakistan’s coal revival

26 February 2016

Due to a crippling electricity shortage, Pakistan is all set to expand power generation through coal, but renewables may be a better option Maha Wasim, The Third Pole Last December, delegates from over 150 countries gathered at the UN Climate Summit in Paris to conclude an agreement on climate with [read more]

The Atomic Bazaar – William Langewiesche

18 July 2009

The Atomic Bazaar – William Langewiesche, pub. Allen Lane, London, 2007 This book is a timely reminder of the problems associated with nuclear proliferation and the issue of dealing with nuclear-equipped misgoverned developing nations. Most of the book looks at Pakistan, which is reasonable, [read more]