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Diwali firecrackers: the chokehold of tradition

31 October 2016

Omair Ahmad Despite a renewed conversation on air pollution, there was no impact this Diwali on the use of firecrackers, which create the most dangerous pollutants The day began with a bang, or actually a series of bangs, as children started setting off firecrackers in the morning to celebrate [read more]

Gasping Delhi awaits Diwali pollution explosion

28 October 2016

by Juhi Chaudhary & Omair Ahmad As Diwali, the festival of lights, approaches, the Delhi government is cracking down on Chinese firecrackers in a bid to stop the rise in air pollution. As Diwali, the festival of lights, approaches, the Delhi government is cracking down on Chinese firecrackers [read more]

Adani should bow out gracefully from its Carmichael coal mine

31 August 2016

John Quiggin  – Professor, School of Economics, The University of Queensland (reproduced from “The Conversation”) The rejection by the Federal Court of the most serious remaining legal challenges to the proposed Carmichael mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin means it is finally [read more]

The dark side of green energy

30 August 2016

Rare earth metals are essential for wind turbines and electric vehicles but leave a toxic footprint and potential short supply may become a limiting factor. Liu Hongqiao, August 30, 2016 Rare earth metals, hard-to-find materials, with unfamiliar names such as lanthanum, neodymium and europium, [read more]

Chinese silk road project suspended over threats to Lake Baikal

23 June 2016

Chinese put temporary halt on dam which could destroy the Siberian lake ecosystem, highlighting lack of environmental safeguards along the New Silk Road Eugene Simonov Every Chinese person knows about one place in Siberia – Lake Baikal. It is not necessarily famous for its unique biodiversity or [read more]

China plans more dams and mega infrastructure in Tibet

21 March 2016

China’s new Five Year Plan calls for a fresh wave of hydropower and major infrastructure projects on a Tibetan plateau already hit by desertification and climate change – Beth Walker (The Third Pole) China’s just-released 13th Five Year Plan — which sets out the country’s economic and [read more]

The Sixth Extinction – Elizabeth Kolbert

10 January 2016

The Sixth Extinction – Elizabeth Kolbert, Pub. Bloomsbury, London 2014 A Review Elizabeth Kolbert has in the 13 chapters of this book set out the irrefutable evidence for the role of humans in initiating a major extinction event. She shows that the impact of humans on other species is not [read more]

Water Pollution

19 November 2015

High levels of water pollution, in China and other places, further reduces the availability of supplies.  Like air pollution, water pollution is also a common source of ill health, and can kill, the WHO attributes 2 million deaths a year to unsafe water, poor sanitation and hygiene.[1] In [read more]
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